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Woman Over 60 Weight Loss Plan – Easy to Follow Weight Loss Workouts For Elderly Women


Women over 60 should involve themselves in mild workouts and healthy weight loss diets in order to lose weight. At this age when your muscles are usually unused, you should create activities in your body to encourage metabolism. Due to aging, people suffer from different types of diseases like Diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. They have a very slow metabolism while they mostly undergo hormonal imbalances.

Weight loss plan for women over 60 should be safe and mild unlike other rigorous diets. The age factor plays a very important role in determining the overall health of a person. A person no longer remains energetic due to extremely low metabolism taking place in their bodies including various diseases.

One should depend more on diets containing lots of fruits and vegetables because they contain high fibers. They can stimulate more digestion in your body by cleaning up your digestive tract. Drinking water is another important factor to be kept in mind by a woman over 60.

Weight Loss Workouts For Elderly Women

– Elderly woman gain weight due to less activities taking place in their life unlike their yesteryears. The metabolism rate remains low and the fat deposit always remains high. In order to shed those extra fats from their body, one should follow easy weight loss workouts.

– Brisk walking: It is the most preferred cardio workout for women over 60. It is less strenuous than other exercise. You can also take strolls after your dinner or in the morning in order to generate some metabolism in your body that will inevitably burn some fats. An elder woman's weight loss plan should also include Yoga, which is extremely beneficial for rejuvenating your mind, body and spirit.

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