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Why Do Protein Shakes Make Me Sick?


About ten years ago I was trying to build muscle and so I was following the advice found in the typical bodybuilding magazines. I kept asking myself “Why do protein shakes make me sick?”

I started doing some research just like you are doing right now. I found that most people only need a certain amount of protein, and that eating any more than that is simply overdosing the digestive system.

Most people get enough protein from their diet without adding whey protein powders. Even before I found the answer to why the protein shakes were making me sick, I immediately quit taking them because they were making me so sick.

Are you asking yourself “Why do protein shakes make me sick?” I would assume so if you are reading this article.

I recommend that if they are making you sick, that you also quit consuming this powdered overdose of protein. It makes me feel horrible. Tons of gas and bloating. And not to mention the foul smell in the bathroom.

You have to understand that all the health info published is not in your best interest to believe. You know intuitively that your body is not designed by evolution to eat refined foods.

Protein Powders are definitely refined. Most of them contain lots of sugar along with the protein. If you follow any kind of food combining principles, you will see that sugar and protein is a bad food combination.

You see, when you eat sugar, your body will halt digestion on everything else and use the sugar first. The protein is then not digesting. Since your body probably doesn’t even need more protein anyway, then the extra protein is simply in the way.

Eating bad food combinations always lead to bloating and gas. Also unless your body is in need of extra calories, then calorie overdosing leads to weight gain.

One of the main reasons for weight gain is from our bodies becoming too acidic and not eating enough alkaline forming foods to neutralize the acids. Our body then stores the excess acids in the fat cells to help protect your organs.

Protein in general makes you acidic. Sugar most definitely makes you acidic and leads to yeast overgrowth and tooth decay and cavities.

“Why do protein shakes make me sick?” They make me sick because they are not healthy for me to be eating. There are tons of commercials for foods and drugs that will make us sick. That does not mean that we need to buy them so they can make us sick.

No one is going to do the research for you. You must find your own truth. Keep a food journal and if a food makes you feel anything other than super great, then put it on your “do not eat list”.

Also any food combination that makes you sick with gas or acid reflux, then put that in your journal as well.

If I eat protein and starch at the same meal I will get sick with heartburn every time.

Source by Teddy Grandy



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