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What You Need to Know About Frothing Jugs


The most popular coffee beverages such as Café Latte, Cappuccino, and Espresso Macchiato are made using milk. And while the recipe will just simply suggest to “add the steamed milk”, you need to consider a lot of things because the truth of the matter is there is more to just adding the steamed milk. If you have tried creating an Espresso Macchiato that did not live up to your expectations, then you have got to get things right this time when using the frothing jug.

There are three things to remember when frothing with a jug. First, choose the milk frother that is appropriate to the recipe, and also use the appropriate milk steamer. Second, be careful in frothing so as not to overdo the process. Third, consider the milk fat proportion and temperature.

There are five types of milk frothers – the quality household espresso maker with steam wand, the low budget household espresso maker with steam wand, the automated frothing machine; battery powered frothing machine, and the manual frother. You have to consider the machine so that you would know how much to pour, and what type of jug to use on the shot.

Traditionally, the shape of the frothing jug has something to do with forming a latte art. Bell shaped jugs are thought to be great in creating a rolling or toroidal form. This myth however has been busted since the latte art largely depends on the pouring. A smaller jug is best to use when you are steaming for 1 cup at a time.

Be very careful when frothing though. Overdoing a froth results to what professionals call the dishwasher froth. You might find it interesting but the over-foaming actually degrades the milk taste. Inappropriate way of introducing air might also result to a meringue looking foam.

The best froth is what barista calls the micro-foam, which is achieved by putting the right pressure in swirling the milk.

It does not really matter what type of milk to use. It depends on the preference of your drinkers. Just make sure that the milk is in the right temperature. And also ensure that the jug is cool to start with. Creating wonderful latte art with a frothing jug is not that difficult, it is more like an art than science.

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