Types Of Fraudulent Opportunities To Watch Out For In The Home Based Business Industry

I think it is very important to know that not all home based business opportunities are created equal. Some are flat-out scams and others may have poor compensation plans. When it comes to starting any of these opportunities, you must always keep these three words in mind.

What is the three words to keep in mind?

The three words to keep in your mind when thinking about starting any niche in the home based business industry are DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

It is vital to take the time to do some quality research to find out what opportunities are safe and what opportunities are a complete waste of time.


Uplines are people who are already involved and invested in the opportunity. From experience, their only concern is to say anything to you as a prospect in order to get you to join their opportunity. Please do not get me wrong. I am not here to throw any upline under the bus, however, I just want you to understand the bad reputation associated with uplines.

Below are some opportunities that require vigorous research before joining.

1. Watch Out For Medical Billing Opportunities

Most medical billing opportunities involve an investment of roughly one thousand dollars. After you invest your money, some poor opportunities claim you will receive state-of-the art equipment. They also claim to give a list of potential clients that may be living in your area. However, some people claimed after they invested their money, the equipment was bad and the list of people never came in the mail.

2. Email Processing Opportunities

These types of home businesses can be the most enticing because they require low investments compared to other opportunities. The problem with these types of opportunities are the spamming reputation they have. In many cases, most people who were in these opportunities say they were encouraged to spam people constantly and harass web groups and forums.

3. Multi- Level Marketing(MLM Opportunities)

In these home based businesses, you are encouraged to sell different types of products. The products can range for home security services to boxes of coffee. The problem with these types of opportunities are the way you are taught to sell the products.

The method used to sell products in these types of opportunities date back to the 1950’s. The method was effective until the internet was created. The method taught to people in these opportunities is “sell to the warm market” The warm market is the people you know and have a relationship with.

People in the warm market may be friends or family members. The problem with this technique is people in your warm market do not want to be sold. They are your friends and family members, not people to harass to join your opportunity.

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