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Top Slim Down Strategies for Women


Dieting and exercise are two important things to do in order to lose weight fast. Most women struggle with the exercise part because of the busy schedules surrounding work, husband or kids. However, it is still possible to change a few things in order to achieve maximum weight loss results. Since for most women the determinant factor is time to do the workouts, i will show you some free tips you ca use, even with your busy schedule, to lose weight fast.

Here are your top slim down strategies for women;

1. Raspberries are one of the most fiber filled fruits you can eat. We need to agree, however, that in order to lose weight fast with a diet, you will have to eat at least 6 times a day including snacks. So for your snack time, instead of biscuits or sweets that will leave you craving for more ( also very high in sugar) why not try packing eight grams into a cupful or adding some of these berries to your cereal for breakfast.

2. Avert your eyes as much as possible. Research shows that sight can activate appetite just as much as smell can induce the insulin secretion that makes you think you are hungry. Avoid temptation if you can.

3. Avoid the white wonders of white bread, white rice and pasta. Instead eat sprouted grain bread, whole wheat, foods like sweet potatoes, avocados, whole eggs, nuts and seeds and all good sources of healthy carbohydrates and healthy fats. Besides Whole wheat foods are 5.5 times more satisfying as they take a longer time to digest.

4. It is important, as already mentioned in point number one, to eat many times a day. 6 evenly spaced mini meals a day will help to make you feel fuller, regulate your appetite and curb off cravings caused by starvation and skipping meals.

5. We already know that exercise is important to weight loss and when combined with a properly structured healthy diet, the results will be even better. We also know that for most women time is a factor, so instead of spending long hours in the gym doing long hours of boring cardio, why not do squats from the comfort of your own home. You should do at least 200 squats a day. You don’t have to do all 200 at once, you can create intervals where you do 25 slowly and then 25 fast. Take a deep breathe and rest for a short time then continue. Do this every day of the week and see the amazing results you will get. If you are up to it, you can also add some cardio into into your workout. Do 25 squats with arm raises then 25 jump rope, back to 25 squats and then 25 jumping jacks, 25 squats and the 25 butt kicks. Combing cardio and strength straining is the absolute best way to lose weight fast for women.

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