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The 5 Best Places to Live for Expats


As you approach the retirement years, it is not uncommon to start thinking along the lines of where you might see out your final years, and an escape from the cold winters. You have spent about 45 years in the working environment and now you are free to go where you want, when you want, so make the most of it opportunity and don’t forget your expats travel insurance before you depart.

So, what are the best countries to retire in, or the best place to move abroad? This really is a matter of personal choice as all the popular destinations offer something a little different. To that end here are perhaps the 5 best countries to retire in, based on popularity.

Thailand – Thailand has got something for everyone and crime beyond the city boundaries of Bangkok and Pattaya are very low. Pattaya and Phuket are very popular beach city locations and if you are single, you will have an endless procession of young Thai ladies waiting to meet you. The cost of living in Thailand has risen over recent years but remains a best place to move abroad.

Australia – Providing you can obtain a visa to live in Australia then this has to be one of the best countries to retire in. Typically based on or near the coast line, and a high standard of living with a familiar language, Australia is a friendly location with a relaxed attitude, making it an ideal place to live a good retired life.

Malta – If you are looking for a Mediterranean based retirement location, then Malta is one option to take seriously. The climate is considered as ideal by many with an average temperature around 19 degrees centigrade throughout the year.

Cyprus – Cyprus is a little warmer than Malta but still a great Mediterranean location and among the best countries to retire in. Other than the climate, Cyprus offers a relaxed lifestyle on or near the coast with Limassol and Larnaca proving popular locations.

Greece – Perhaps a country that offers a high degree of culture is your preference, if that is the case then head for Greece. Greece and the Greek islands are largely peaceful locations with a friendly, English speaking indigenous people.

You are perhaps a little surprised by the omission of certain countries, Spain, Portugal and the United States for example. The current economy is the southern European have made Spain and Portugal less popular in recent years, with the cost of living accelerating at quite an alarming rate, making them expensive location to retire. The United States have tough immigration policies, so even as a British ex-pat, obtaining a visa to live there proves very difficult.

Wherever you decide is best place to move abroad for you, conduct some thorough research on that country and identify any potential pitfalls and before you embark on your journey from your home country, and indeed once relocated, remember you can get travel insurance for expats that will save you money on your travels.

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