Successful Ways To Sell Affiliate Products Part 2

When it comes to selling Affiliate Products sometimes you are restricted as to where you can sell them because of the actual product itself.

If you were selling cooking products then LinkedIn is a no no and if you were an affiliate of gambling companies then this can be frowned upon in a lot of advertising places.

But one way to promote your affiliate products regardless of its market is with a short Resource.

Create Your Resource

You are going to create a resource that breaks down into say 5 steps what your affiliate product actually does. Using something like Microsoft Word create a page that has 5 steps to it and within each step highlight a key feature or training step of the product with a little explanation to it.

At the end of each explanation explain that each day for the next 5 days you will email the reader one of the steps in more detail.

Create Your Emails

Now create your 5 emails with a more detailed explanation with obviously one email for each step but at the end of the email explain that if they would like to actually implement this step and get the benefits of what ever the actual product does then they should click on a link. Now this link will be your affiliate link to that product.

Capture Form

For all this to work you need to be able to send people the resource and the 5 emails and to do this you need a capture form where you capture their email and then the resource and emails are sent accordingly and automatically.

My preferred choice to do this is with a company called Aweber but they are not free but if you have a website then there will be addons available that allow you to place a capture form on your website.

If your website was created with WordPress, which I recommend for Affiliate Marketing, then there are many free capture form plugins available.

A Bit of Work

Now it may seem like a bit of work or a bit complicated in creating this whole process, especially if you are new to affiliate marketing but like anything in life the best things often require some effort to achieve them.

Just know that you can do it if you want to and that this system of a resource and follow up emails is a very successful way of selling affiliate products.

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