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Stop Smoking Tips – Help For You to Quit Smoking


We are all looking for the best stop smoking tips, but in reality, there is not just one main stop smoking tip that will do the trick. Everyone is different and their bodies are all different. I could tell you what worked for me, but it might not do anything for you. But that is what education and research is all about when you do want to stop smoking.

As you know, there are tons of stop smoking tips on the market. We see them every time we go to the store and watch television. Smoking is a terrible addiction that most people around the world think they can kick. You need to realize that every time you are smoking a cigarette, you are killing yourself, slowly. There are hundreds of nasty chemicals in each cigarette and you are putting that into your body. The addictive chemical in there is called nicotine. Your body craves it and it’s telling you to smoke another cigarette. Don’t do it. The best thing you can do is to say no. Try to busy yourself to keep your mind occupied.

There are different aids you can use to help, hypnosis, group therapy, medication and quit all together (cold turkey). I quit smoking by cold turkey. Let me tell you, it was very difficult. I wanted a cigarette so bad, but I stuck to the plan. At one time I even went to the store and bought a pack. I looked at it and thought to myself why am I like this? I mean, for a cigarette! It was pretty pathetic. I thew that pack away and just never gave up. Yes, I did slip up just a few times, but I stuck with it.

The best stop smoking tips I can give you is just to stick with it. No matter what method you plan on using, do not give in to that craving.

Source by Corey T Bruhn



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