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Sexual Nutrition Secrets


The quality of your sex is directly reflected by the food you eat. This has always been true and always will be true for all human beings of both genders for all ages and for all times.

This is because your sex drive & your entire endocrine system requires – and stores – an enormous amount of sexual energy to function at its best.

Fuel this energy with good food and nutritional supplements during the times when you are not having sex, and you are storing up for greater future pleasure when you do.

Feed yourself fast food, too much sugar, false foods, microwave foods, trans fats, and other garbage, and your sex life will suffer enormously.

Look, eating ballpark food, fat burgers, potato chips, sucking down gross cheap beer, and engulfing yourself in hot dogs does NOT make you more of a man, ESPECIALLY not when your girlfriend or wife realizes that the only reason you can’t get an erection is because you’ve been stuffing your face with greasy meat all day. If this is NOT you, then I sincerely congratulate you.

What makes you more of a man is eating GOOD FOOD and doing your job well in the bedroom. If you have some resistance to the idea of organic foods, organic meat, bean sprouts, lamb, greens, soy milk, or other “hippie” foods, GET OVER IT.

Put down the Viagra and eat real food & supplements.

Look, it is NOT normal to be extremely dizzy or pass out or fall asleep right after sex simply because you ate a hot dog instead of a real sandwich, or because you drank soda instead of water, tea, or organic juice.

Sex is a HEALTHY activity IF it is treated well. So if you want a hard-on the size of the English channel, you need to EAT


If you feel enormously fatigued after sex, then you are – without question or doubt – unhealthy and low on sexual energy. To replenish this, you need to temporarily abstain from sex, rest, drink LOTS of water, add more good foods to your diet.

Look, I think the term “dieting” gets a bad rep.

When people hear the word “diet”, they often think of eating less, some sort of personal “sacrifice”, or starvation or fads or having to lose tons of weight or gain loads of muscle or even just a strict food plan that is BORING and completely unmanageable.

It does after all have the word DIE in it…

However the real truth is that a diet is just a certain way of eating. You could, in fact, go on a ‘diet’ of junk food if you wished. It isn’t the term that it is important but it is important to understand that eating well equates to living well. Proper nutrition is the corner stone of true sexual health on both a physical and mental level. Junk food will never taste as good as eating right will make you feel.

Overall, A permanently easy to follow, FUN to eat, yet totally powerful diet is actually just a very simple substitution game.

If you eat fast food, instead make an effort to switch to a good sandwich shop. It costs about the same and tastes better anyways, and usually only takes an extra two minutes (literally) to get your food.

If you eat lots of candy, try nuts and fruit and berries instead, even sprinkled with honey or sugar. Or toss these onto your sandwich or onto a salad.

Try eating a salad with plenty of greens and added real organic unprocessed meat (of your choosing) and cheese.

If you refuse to give up all candy, try focusing on candy bars that have good chocolate, peanuts, and other natural (or mostly natural, at least) ingredients. Dark Chocolate is better. Organic Dark Cacao is the Best – it’s actually very good for you.

If you drink soda – switch to water, green tea, and juice

instead. This one switch alone adds ENORMOUS amounts of energy to your sex life while still allowing for a massive variety of sweet drink flavors. I’m not kidding! Ditch the cola and pick up ANYTHING ELSE and you’ll notice a massive difference within only a few days or less!!

Source by Niko Kavinsky



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