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No Nonsense Muscle Building: Yes or No?


No Nonsense Muscle Building is a program aimed at the "hard-winners" of the world. No matter how hard they try, these people can not seem to build any muscle. They stay painfully thin despite pumping iron, eating high-protein meals and taking supplements.

Vince Delmont developed this program, and that was his story. Like so many other skinny people, Delmont was highly motivated to build his body. During his struggles, he stumbled onto a "secret" method that helped him develop his own body, and he has taken that method and created a program to help other thin people succeed.

He's not doing it out of the goodness of his heart – after all, he is selling his program. But many experts believe No Nonsense Muscle Building is a program that's worth several times its cost.

Vince's promotional materials do not specifically say this, but his program is not just for "skinnies" – it can also help overweight people who have difficulty building muscle. No matter which gender or how old they are, people of any size, shape, and physical tendencies can be helped by the No Nonsense Muscle Building book and program.

Delmont's program may not be right for a dedicated bodybuilder – the gym rat type – who enjoys pumping iron for endless hours in the gym. Instead, No Nonsense Muscle Building partnerships "regular people," like you and me.

The program is designed for busy people who are not able to spend more than three hours per week working out in the gym. It's MUCH more than just muscle building tips. Delmont contends that's all the time you need to successfully transform your body into what you want. In fact, he says overtraining can actually prevent muscle development. Pumping iron excessively, along with too much cardio work, are counter-productive activities. Many bodybuilding coaches and trainers support Vince's position.

The material in No Nonsense Muscle Building is supported by scientific evidence that focused, concentrated training techniques are effective. A number of people have provided quantitative evidence of their success using this program.

Delmont does not recommend using human growth hormone, testosterone boosters, anabolic steroids or any other chemical performance enhancer. He says these drugs only produce temporary muscle-building success, if they succeed at all. You will not see anything in his program advertised in a muscle mag. He even mentions that supplement companies own most of the muscles magazines and use them to promote their bodybuilding products. Instead, his program is drug- and supplement-free, limited strictly to the exercise program and natural diet he recommends.

According to Delmont, the rave reviews famous bodybuilders give to supplements are actually paid advertisements rather than objective comments on the supplements' quality and performance.

No Nonsense Muscle Building is an excellent program for "regular" men and women – people who want to build better bodies without taking protein powders and vitamins, chemical supplements, or pumping iron endlessly in the gym.

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