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Today, we’re going to be talking about Landing Pages. You might have heard of a splash page, squeeze page, opt-in page, well they’re all the same thing. But for simplicity, we’re going to call it landing page.

While a landing page might be any page that someone lands on when they visit your website, not all pages are landing pages. A landing page is a page that’s uniquely created for two purposes. One is either for people to go to, get more information and click through, but the one we’re talking about today is a lead generating Landing Page.

That is, people are going to visit your landing page for your lead magnet and sign up. They’re going to give their email in order for you to give them some information.

A Landing Page is where you’re going to be sending traffic to for people to get your lead magnet, give their email address and then you’re going to give them the information they want, or that can help solve their problem. Now a golden rule of lead generating landing pages is that they are short, sharp and to the point.

You only want one call to action. That is it. You don’t want to have an opt in form here, or ‘get this report’ somewhere else on the page or then over here you’ve got, ‘go to our website for xyz’. That’s a crazy page that will be confusing to your visitors. They won’t know what action to take so the action they do take will be to leave your page. We want it clear and concise. You know it’s the old KISS method; keep it simple sweetheart. Let’s keep it simple.

There’s only a few core elements that you need. Obviously your headline. You’re going to need a great headline and you want that to be consistent with the traffic source that got them there. Say if you’re doing Facebook ads, you want the ad, the headline in your Facebook ad to be very, very similar, if not identical to the headline on your landing page. So your visitors know when they’ve clicked the ad, they’ve gone to the landing page and they’re in the right place. You want the headline to be the same.

Then you want to tell your visitor the benefits they can look forward to by downloading your lead magnet. Now this is something where a lot of people get un-stuck. They end up listing the features of their lead magnet – “watch this five minute, high definition video where I show you how to make the ultimate green smoothie”. What you want to do is focus on the benefits. What are the benefits that somebody is going to receive by getting your lead magnet – “discover a quick and easy green smoothie recipe to increase your energy and so that you can power through the 3pm slump” Facts tell, stories sell. The stories are in the benefits. What are the benefits for the person to get your lead magnet. That’s what you’ll want on your landing page.

So a headline, a few bullet points of the benefits and, obviously, your call to action – “Get My Energizing Green Smoothie Recipe Now”

Your Call to Action should be high on the screen, or what is referred to as ‘above the fold’ so before your visitor needs to scroll anywhere, the button is right there for them to just press and opt in.

The only other thing which you must have on your page for is your privacy policy. There are legal requirements when collecting people’s information and you need to let people know what you will be doing with their email. So they can click the link and know that you’re not going to sell it to any schmucks. It’s safe with you, you’re keeping their email safe. This will also protect your rear end with your email provider as well – so people know what to expect when signing up for your offer, for example, that you will send them regular emails that will keep them up to date with your area of expertise.

The call to action and your privacy policy – they’re the only links you want on your page.

Pro tip – always check your pages on mobile devices because at least 50% of your traffic is likely to come from a mobile device. So while you might look at it on your computer and say and say “Yeah, this landing page is awesome!” check it on a mobile. If the text is too big and it bumps it all down and it’s all going all over the place, then people aren’t going to be opting in. Your conversion rates on your landing page will be low. So always check your mobile devices.

That’s a landing page in a nutshell. It’s not that confusing, is it? It’s a page that’s uniquely designed to drive traffic to and to gather your leads. Not to send them to any other offers, not to confuse them with too many options. You’ll really want to tweak and test your landing page as this is where you’re going to be generating a lot of potential students to come in and get to know you through your email series.

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