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Lose Belly Fat As Fast As Possible – Diet, Exercise and Sleep Tips


Do you need to lose belly fat as fast as possible? This article shares how to eat, exercise and sleep to accelerate your fat burning so you can drop inches from your waist in the shortest amount of time. I will warn you that these results will not come with out your participation but if you are serious about getting rid of the fat then please take 2 minutes right now to read on.

Lose Belly Fat As Fast As Possible

1. Cut out evening carbs. You will notice a quick drop in belly fat after just 1 to 2 weeks of eliminating carbohydrates after lunch time. When you do this your body can not use carbs for energy in the evenings and must become good at burning the alternative – FAT.

2. Trade in the refined carbs. Foods like baked goods, white breads and pasta break down into sugar as soon as they hit your system and this causes your blood sugar to spike. To get this condition under control your body cuts fat burning and increases fat storage so the sugar has somewhere to go.

3. Mix it up with your exercise. To give yourself a metabolic boost that will burn belly fat for the entire day you want to step up your exercise intensity. Instead of working at a steady pace vary the pace and intensity by adding short burst of high effort. This will get you huffing and puffing but the results are well worth the effort.

4. Avoid fatigue. When your body is low on energy it is not going to take energy to burn fat. Give your body rest at night and avoid too much stress and you will find that your waistline shrinks.

You can lose belly fat as fast as possible with these diet, exercise and sleep tips.

Source by Dr. Becky Gillaspy



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