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Lose Abdominal Fat and Keep it Off


Abdominal fat can be one of the most stubborn types of fat to lose, and sometimes it can get frustrating. The best way to lose abdominal fat, and keep it off, is to use proven methods that have worked for many people for years.

Before you begin your quest to lose abdominal fat, there is one fact you must acknowledge: this fat will not vanish on it’s own, and you will need to expend some real concerted effort to get rid of it. Once you know the right path to take, it is a simple process to lose those excess abdominal pounds, but you must first make sure you are indeed following the right steps.

The first thing that is absolutely vital in a plan to lose abdominal fat is a negative calorie intake. This mean simply that you are burning up more calories than you are taking in. While this may sound as if it would require constant strenuous exercise, it does not. Ideally you need to try to achieve a weight loss of no more than one to two pounds a week. By altering your diet to include more meals, with smaller amounts of food, you will be keeping yourself feeling full and avoid binge eating. It is best to increase your protein intake and decrease your carbohydrate intake. Protein helps your body to feel satisfied faster, and is very helpful when you try to lose abdominal fat. Try to have about five small meals each day, and set your calorie intake to be less than the amount of calories you are burning.

Don’t forget to include all of your daily exercise, including walking, housework, and in fact every daily activity, when you are calculating how many calories you will burn each day. When you find that your caloric intake is less than your caloric energy spent, you are on the right track.

Exercise is an excellent way to lose abdominal fat, and when it is combined with a negative caloric intake, you will find it is a foolproof way to get the flat belly you want. The best exercises for losing fat in your abdomen include sit -ups, stomach crunches, and obliques to tone the tummy’s sides. Alternate all three types of exercise so that you don’t get bored, and you will find that these exercises tone your abdomen quite rapidly.

The best way to lose abdominal fat and keep it off is a combination plan. When you combine a negative calorie intake with targeted abdominal exercises, you will achieve your weight loss quickly and effectively.

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