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Home Remedies for Headaches – Simple Ways to Alleviate the Throbbing


There are a number of home remedies that can help your throbbing head. It’s been estimated that around 45 million people get chronic recurring headaches. There are three main types of headaches:

  • Tension Headaches
  • Vascular Headaches
  • Organic Headaches

Tension headaches tend to be the most common. They come from everyday stress and can best be described as non-throbbing pain with tightness in the neck or scalp.

Vascular headaches are much more intense as far as pain goes. migraine headaches tend to fall into this category. These headaches are thought to be hereditary in some cases. Other factors might be environmental factors, stress and diet.

Organic are the least common of the three. With these headaches the pain gradually gets worse and can be accompanies by vomiting and sometimes visual problems.

Cloves and other spices. Scented herbs can ease tension headaches. Dried marjoram, rosemary and mint also work well together for easing tension. Take 4 tablespoons of each and put them into a handkerchief or a cloth sachet bag. Whenever you feel a headache coming on, hold the bag or handkerchief up to your nose and inhale deeply until you feel it start to ease off.

Peach juice. Peach juice can help to ease the nausea that sometimes follows a really bad headache.

Peppermint. Rub some peppermint oil on the temples to ease tension headaches. If you have sensitive skin, don’t try this. The peppermint oil tends to have a burning effect for those that do.

Hot Water. Heat can often bring soothing relief to a bad headache. Soak a cloth in hot water. Squeeze it out and apply it to your head for about 30 minutes. You can warm it back up if needed.

These are just a few home remedies for headaches that can help bring some relief. Some lifestyle changes can help you if you tend to get headaches often are quitting smoking, exercising regularly and getting plenty of rest.

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