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Getting To the Root of Hair Loss – Top Causes of Receding Hairline in Women


All of us may find that hair loss can be an upsetting experience; especially when you look into the mirror and find out that you are losing your hair and will even go bald after a few years. Most of the time, people believe that thinning hairlines is a problem associated only with men. In fact, a large proportion of women are also losing their hair. But there is a small dissimilarity between the receding hairline of women and that of men. Hair loss in men is indicated by receding hairline mostly on the crown of the head, while in women happens when there is a thinning of hair generally all over the scalp, rather than a patch.

In women, this condition starts to take place at the age of 30 and becomes more noticeable around. Some of the major causes of a receding hairline for women include the following:

Telogen Effluvium

It is considered as one of the most common types of baldness in women. It is a condition identified as telogen effluvium, which is an acute form of alopecia. It happens when there is a broadly spread out loss of hair all over the woman’s body. The condition is usually caused by severe stress or medication. It can take place at any age, but often occurs rather sudden and then gets better on its own after approximately six months. On the other hand, for some people, the condition can be a chronic problem.

Androgenic Alopecia

It is known as another common cause of receding hair line in women. It is associated with the hormone levels in the woman’s body and can be hereditary which means it can be inherited from her father or mother. Many women are affected by this kind of condition after the menopause.

Alopecia Areata

It affects approximately one percent of the population, and is mainly noticed in teenagers and young adults. Symptoms of this form of hair loss may include patchy hair loss. The condition is associated with the woman’s immune system. After a short time the hair usually starts to grow again, but might come back in those patchy areas.

Other Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Other causes may include chemotherapy which is a well-known cause of female hair loss, as well as frontal fribosing. A lot of women also experience thinning of the hair or hair loss after giving birth. A few other illnesses, such as anorexia, anemia and bulimia, can also cause this condition. There are also a few less well-known forms where this type of condition could be permanent.

Proper Diagnosis

Women experiencing this condition should consult their doctor to obtain an accurate diagnosis of what is causing them to lose their hair. In the case of an undiagnosed condition which involves diabetes or thyroid problems, treating the condition can often prevent and even reverse hair loss problems. If the doctor finds that hormonal issues related to menopause and aging are the root f hair loss, then he or she can advice on effective female hair loss treatments.

Topical Hair Loss Treatment

There is only one relevant female hair treatment which is approved by the FDA which is known as minoxidil. This medicine is marketed under the name Rogaine and is readily available over the counter in numerous drug stores and online.

It is effective at restoring hair growth and reducing the appearance of thinning hair in women; however, it often takes several months to see the results in most females. It is quite easy and convenient to use in the privacy of home, but must be continuous until further notice in order to maintain hair regrowth. If this medication use is discontinued, any hair that has regrown will be gone once again.

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