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The most common thoughts of French food that instantly come to mind are those of Steak hache and Camembert. The food of Provence however differs from the commonly known French cuisine and French cooking.

Originally a Greek colony, Provence was part of the Roman Empire and didn’t become part of France until the 15th century. This cultural history has seeped its way into the ingredients and foods of Provence recipes today and as with most regions of France, the foods and recipes of Provence are influenced by its climate, geography, and by neighbouring countries. Being adjacent to Italy, Mediterranean influences the area and provides recipes including varied seafood’s and hot-spices. Olives were introduced to the region by the Greeks which today are a common accompany in sauces and salads.

Artichokes, almonds, tomatoes, garlic, herbs and eggplant are some of the irregularities of French food found in Provence. The majority of meat eaten comes from sheep, often roasted with Provencal herbs, whilst cheese is mainly made from goat’s or ewe’s milk. Two famous cheeses include Picadon and Banon. Seafood and fish however is the most common flesh eaten in Provence. The most classic dish is Bouillabaisse, a seafood stew made with an assortment of fish and shellfish, tomatoes, wine and herbs.

Commonly used Herbs de Provence originates from this region and is used around the world today. Anything termed ‘à la Provençale’ is likely to include tomatoes and garlic, the most well known being Tuna à la Provençale and Ratatouille Provençale.

Another popular food found mainly in Provence is honey scented with lavender; this is grown alongside almonds on the central plateaux of Provence and is often served alongside other regional sweet dishes such as figs, melons, nougat and luxurious truffles.

Whether you’re looking for fresh seafood recipes or a wanting a warm Mediterranean dish, this area can offer it all. Numerous restaurants and hotels in Marseille, Nice Cannes, St Tropez and Monaco offer menus of all varieties.

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