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A Healthy Eating Diet Requires the Right Balance


Look anywhere and you will see one of those "lose 10 pounds quickly" diets being promoted. Often times they are geared towards a quick weight loss solution which may not be the healthiest nor will they provide long term results. The better solution is to start a healthy eating diet plan that will produce both short term and long lasting results.

By following easy, sensible balanced diet basics, it is possible to shed pounds quickly and then maintain the weight loss for good. The diet solution for you is the one that you can adhere to on a daily basis. All it really requires is that you understand some basic food nutrition facts and then formulate your own healthy eating meal planner.

The Protein Component

Nutritionally, protein is the essential muscle building component. Foods that are protein rich are also more satiating which means that, once you have eaten a proper portion of meat, for instance, you will feel full, longer.

When you are feeling satisfied and your hunger diminishes, you tend to consume less total calories because you are not eating as much. The key here is that you will be able to lower your total calorie intake.

The key is achieving the right balance. Protein consumption, through lean meats, dairy, legumes, nuts, and some grains should join around 30% of your intake. Fat consumption can be as high as 25% if you are able to stick with heart healthy fats found in lean meats, dairy and nuts. Otherwise, to be safe, target 20% fat from foods.

The balance of your consumption should be from carbohydrates which are essential in keeping your body performing at optimum levels through the day. Try to stay with "good" carbs found naturally in plant foods and whole grains.

The Fiber Component

For those who understand basic food nutrition facts, the health benefits derived from fiber-rich foods are well known. In addition to improving digestion, dietary fiber, due to its satiating qualities also helps in weight loss. You need to know about the two different types of dietary fiber. The first is soluble fiber and the second is insoluble.

Soluble fiber binds with fatty acids and adheres to the stomach and intestines to prolong the time it takes for the stomach to empty. It allows for slow, deliberate absorption of nutrients. Insoluble fibers helps to clear the digestion system more quickly and thoroughly. A high fiber diet can enhance your weight loss efforts because you will feel less hungry and, therefore, will consume less food and calories.

Start Your Healthy Eating Diet by first setting your mind at ease. If you follow these guidelines in your healthy eating plan, you will not go hungry. The next step is to clean out your pantry and make a shopping list that reflects your new balanced diet plan.

The bottom line for this healthy eating diet plan, is to maintain the balance while decreasing overall caloric intake. You will begin to see results within just a couple of weeks. Start your plan today.

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