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5 Great Ways to Lose Weight For Women


Below are 5 simple tips women can do now to lose the weight and keep it off!

Great Ways to Lose Weight For Women

  1. Don’t skip meals – eating stimulates hunger. Once your breakfast has been digested, after 2-3 hours, hunger will be triggered again. When you don’t eat, the metabolic rate slows down to preserve fat stores, and so you don’t feel hungry. Hunger is a sign that you’re digesting food properly.
  2. Divide your plate – Fill half of it with non starchy vegetables (like broccoli, carrots or lettuce), a quarter with protein (tofu, lean beef, chicken or fish). This is all about portion control, and stopping you from over eating. By sticking to the plate portions rule and sticking to 1 plate portion only – you’ll improve your eating habits.
  3. When you focus on just one kind of workout – cardio or strength training – in one session, you get limited results. Instead alternate between a resistance and cardio exercise in one session. Training this way is great for upping the intensity and burning more calories.
  4. To lose weight, you need to cut down your calories the right way. New research indicates that if you want to lose weight around your middle, whole grains will do it. Research has shown that people who went on a low calorie diet of whole-grain products only lost more body fat from the abdominal area that people who had no whole grains in the diet. Although both groups showed similar weight loss, the group who ate whole grains has less body fat! So get the whole grains into your meals like oat-meals, whole grain cereals and brown rice.
  5. Try hitting the books. Reading up on health and fitness is the best way to stay motivated. It’s good to know that what you’re doing is useful, rather than just performing a thousand sit ups without much thought as to why! And one of the best resources on fat loss is The Truth About Six Pack Abs – It covers in depth the kinds of foods you should be eating to stimulate your metabolism and bad foods you should stay away from. Not only that, The Truth About Six Pack Abs Program lays out step by step, very effective workouts to help women lose weight and tone the body.

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