888 Brannan St
Ste 1100
San Francisco, CA 94103

(888) 968-8810

Can’t say enough good things about Yadav. This was obviously a big purchase and I wanted to make sure I did it right the first time. I went through the website and found what I thought my now fiance was looking for. I had questions about band materials and the responses I received were great. Their prices were far better than what I was seeing online and in person at local stores. After my purchase I got it appraised at another jeweler just to be sure I made the right choice. He looked at it for probably 15 minutes and came back and just said “this is one of the most beautiful rings I’ve seen”. Which is the same thing my now fiance said when she saw it!

Even afterwards, Yadav continues to amaze. We noticed one of the prongs had broken off (assuming got snagged on something). I sent Yadav a message and Layla sent me a free shipping label and box. They even paid for return shipping. This was nearly 8 months after I ordered! I really couldn’t have picked a better place to make a purchase this big!

I found Yadav when I was comparing diamonds through Rarecarrot. I live in Massachusetts and was worried about ordering an engagement ring online. But when I saw the price coupled with the GIA certification I jumped on the deal. I purchased this through the wire transfer option on the website. From there, I immediately received a call from them confirming the details. The following day, I completed the wire transfer from my bank and then they ordered the diamond from India. From there, it was a matter of waiting.

The whole process took a little over eight days from ordering it to receiving it at my front door. Overall, I had a good experience. However, I felt that thier email communication lacked authenticity and sincerity. For such a high-priced purchase (both financially and emotionally) the lack of enthusiastic emails/phone calls concerned me. Lastly, the engagement ring box is extremely cheap and made out of cardboard. I will be having to purchase a better looking box.

Pros: great price, fast delivery, free shipping

Cons: lack of authentic/sincere communication (out of state purchase), really poor quality engagement ring box made out of cardboard.

I know that I am not the first to give Yadav and team 5 stars and I am sure we are not going to be the last. When I first read his reviews, I thought “how can one guy have so many 5 stars, it has to be fake”. But After dealing with Yadav and team, I can testify that he is worth every 5 star review on Yelp.

If you are looking for a engagement ring, do yourself a favor and go see Jimmie Yadav. No matter what your price range is, Yadav will treat you right and find you the best stone available. Unlike the other vendors or the stores in the mall, you will end up with the best stone for a whole lot less. Also, unlike other vendors in the Jewelry Mart, Yadav won’t try and just sell you the stones he has in the shop but will go out and find the perfect stone. He will make your future Mrs. extremely happy with you.

His team, especially Layla! Is extremely awesome to deal with. Yadav made a large and important decision/purchase extremely enjoyable.

My Fiancé’s ring is beyond amazing, I literally catch her randomly staring at it. Yadav was very upfront and honest about which of the 4 C’s are most important for different cuts and which you can reduce on to get to the right price range.

WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T GO AND RIPPED OFF BY THOSE MALL JEWELERS. Take the time to go to down to Brannan and see Yadav. Your bride to be and your wallet will thank you.

My soon to be fiancé and I bought a loose diamond online from Yadav. I emailed customer service a couple times during the process, and they were very responsive. The diamond arrived in a discreet package and was presented in a lovely sliding box and small display case. We took the diamond to another local jeweler to create a setting, and the diamond buyer at this jeweler was not only impressed at how beautiful the diamond was- but at the amazing price. He typed the diamonds stats into his system and quoted $11,000 more! I would highly recommend working with Yadav, we were very sceptical about making such a large and special purchase online- but the process exceeded our expectations. They also happily granted something else complimentary at my request- I really appreciate such great customer service! We will be back when it’s time for the wedding bands!!

The best of the best. World class service at incredible prices. Awesome selection of settings. Do your homework using online tools such as rarecarat.com. I bought online with direct wire and the ring is incredible.

Jim has since responded to my yelp review, however 3 weeks ago, when I asked for assistance with their website after they listed another set of false diamonds that weren’t available. I told him my situation and he hung up on me when we were discussing how to address my issues. He never called me back. Now on Yelp he is trying to act helpful and caring to my situation.

The deception and lies are what hurts and everyone tells me the diamond isn’t worth 1/3 the price that I paid for it. Talk about being ripped off!

I would recommend having someone much more helpful to answer your phone calls.
I called to ask information on upgrading diamond size. A lady answered the phone and cut me off multiple times while I was explaining myself, to give me info completely unrelated to what I was calling for. My engagement ring was purchased here and I wanted to turn to the same people for guidance but was very disappointed and discouraged by the lack of customer service on this phone call.

Yadav did such a great job helping my fiancé find the perfect diamond ring! My fiancé told me all about the process and how easy their search engine online is. We are from Chicago and my fiancé spent a couple weeks online researching companies and how to buy the perfect diamond online. What really struck him about Yadav was how personal the company felt. Unlike many other big chain diamond websites (blue Nile and James Allen) Yadav never spent any spam mail or posted diamond price decreases so he really felt he was getting the best deal. I have had my ring about 10 days now and I called Yadav about resizing it, they were super helpful and sent a packaging label and instructions so I can send it back to be resized. We are so happy with how everything has turned out and would HIGHLY recommend checking them out!

Yadav provided our engagement ring and wedding bands. Each item was just perfect and their customer service is absolutely outstanding. They made this experience so easy and we felt comfortable in their hands. They even designed s custom band to match my engagement ring. For amazing value, a trusted band and great customer service look no further!

Where is the 6star button at? That is what they deserve. Every step of the process from selection the right diamond to ensuring the setting and diamond were amazing together, the staff I worked with was Rockstars! Thank you Christy and Krisha.

My package got delayed during shipping (no fault of Yavad obviously), at 2am I sent them a message just letting them know that my package may have been lost and they responded within a half hour and after a short discussion said she would followup with me in the morning. That has got to be the most amazing customer services ever!

In any case, the ring showed up a day late but still in time for our trip to Vegas. Popped the question at Hyde Bellagio before the club opened. We sat on the balcony table overlooking the fountain with only staff in the club. Just as she said yes, the Fountains exploded with water. It couldn’t have been a better moment, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect ring. My fiance can’t wait to book a trip to SF to do wedding band shopping in person at Yavad.

Thank you for everything. The engagement ring is so very beautiful! You all did an amazing job!

I have nothing but great things to say about Yadav.

Their customer service sets the standard. Everything from their online chat to email to the phone was prompt, pleasant and very helpful.

From the moment I placed the bank wire, it took maybe 9 business days to import the diamond from overseas, set the stone and have it delivered to my office.

And the ring – it blew away my expectations and my fiancé can stop wiggling her little finger.

If you’re shopping online, I would 100% recommend Yadav through rarecarat.com they have the best prices compared to the others and their website is the easiest to navigate and configure.

My Fiancé got my engagement ring here, and it is absolutely stunning!!!!!! My Fiancé did a lot of research on rings and stores in SF, and said this store really had high quality jewelry and diamonds. We went into Yadav to pick our wedding bands out, and found the perfect pair. We both really like Jim, as he is such a friendly guy and very helpful. Jim helped my Fiancé pick out my engagement ring, and he also checked on us during our wedding band shopping to make sure we were 100% happy with our choices. We both highly recommend this store!

Once my boyfriend proposed, I entered an entirely new world… of diamonds. I didn’t know anything about diamonds. I didn’t even know my ring size. Well, apparently neither did my fiancé. The day after he proposed, I called around to different places to get my ring resized.

Holy crap, the jewelry market at 888 Brannan St is incredible! It’s a secure and confusing maze of jewelers. Crazy to think about why there are so many. I came across Yadav on Yelp, after turning down a few other jewelers that were either unfriendly, unhelpful, or downright refusing to resize a ring that wasn’t from them.

I was helped almost immediately when I went into Yadav. Everyone was super sweet and welcoming. I learned a ton about diamonds, like how to look for the unique ID number on the diamond to confirm that a specific diamond is yours. Everything about Yadav was professional and comforting. Before walking in, I was honestly afraid of shady business.

It took two days to resize the ring. The process was simple and cost $75 total. Since I was flying out of town the next day, I gave my fiancé’s contact information so he could pick it up. They did an excellent job of explaining the best ring size for me. I would definitely recommend them out of all the vendors I talked to in this building!

“IN CRED IBLE” experience by Layla and Yadav!!! As many folks may be about buying a Diamond Engagement ring online, Hesitant and Skeptical. Not to worry. Yadav DELIVERS!!! The diamond took sometime to narrow down as did the setting. However, once I did, they came thru. The ring was delivered on time and I had to sign for it too. The entire transaction was easy and painless. The RING is absolutely AWESOME! April said yes and she can’t stop showing it off. Thanks to Layla and everyone involved for making a TRULY beautiful ring and doing what you said. Take the leap and you won’t be disappointed!

We found Yadav on Rare Carat and couldn’t have been happier. Making an appointment was very easy, and our in person experience was fantastic. Jim gives you his undivided personal attention as you try on any color, shape or size diamond your heart desires. Following our appointment I went to a friends past engagement ring store, and the experience was markedly different. They had a *very* small inventory of diamonds of lower quality, and often hurried them away. This made me appreciate Jim 10x more, as he really has everything you could ever want, with the best prices AND never makes you feel uncomfortable/weird with his precious inventory out. He was also very honest about what made sense to compromise on and what didn’t.

Funnily enough the beau actually went back several times, and each time Jim helped him through the purchase. I LOVE my diamond and its so gorgeous! And it has the most beautiful setting that makes it look like its “floating” from the side.

Side Note: Jim also kindly granted him an extra box, as the (new!) fiance’s grandma was in town with us after her husband passed away. She wanted to be a part of the moment and gifted me her gorgeous diamond earrings, which I’ll forever treasure and keep in their Yadav box to remind me of that special day 🙂

Thank you Jim for being part of our life during this day!

Got my engagement ring for my fiancé from here. Staff was very helpful when it came to picking bands and showing us diamonds that fit our budget. The entire process went smoothly from placing the order to picking up. Everyone is super friendly and helpful. They do get busy and usually require a reservation.

For my first review, why not have it be about the most expensive purchase I’ve made to date! I will make this short and sweet. Jim, Layla, and their entire team made the already intimidating process of buying an engagement ring a little bit less daunting. Their team is very knowledgeable and what I feel is their advantage over their competitors is access to a wide variety of diamonds.

If you are a diamond novice or seasoned buyer, Yadav will have a diamond that will fit your criteria.

I came here for the good reviews found on yelp and to find out that all are good .
Mr Yadav help me in person to fine the right diamond hi explain and respond all my questions.
I recommend this business I’m really happy
Thank Yadav

Buying an Engagement ring was a stressful process, however Mr Yadav and his team did everything they could to not only help me find the right ring, but save thousands of dollars in the process. Be sure to include this place on your ring hunt, and you won’t be disappointed!

My fiancé bought my ring here & I’ve been here before. Since we’re getting married I thought why not come here to buy our wedding bands.

Made my 1st appointment to come back here on a Saturday in June. Couple days before my appointment they called to cancel it and said they were going to be closed. No big deal. I can reschedule.

Made my SECOND appointment in JULY, again, a couple days before my appointment they called and said they will be closed.

I’m annoyed, it’s a damn Saturday. They keep asking me to come in during the weekdays.

Clearly, if I could come in on a weekday I would..but some people have to WORK on the WEEKDAYS.

So, I finally made another appointment to come in today, SATURDAY AUGUST 4th..when I made it the girl on the phone even had to call me back to DOUBLE CHECK if they were OPEN today and she said YES. I didn’t get a phone call to cancel so I’m thinking this is great.

TELL ME WHY I come here today and they’re CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve just about had it with them and their professionalism and customer service. A returning customer is NO LONGER A RETURNING CUSTOMER.

Don’t bother trying to make an appointment to come on a Saturday cause they’ll cancel your appointment or ghost you and make you drive an hour to get here!!

They’re so unprofessional


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