How does a woman who describes herself as “nasty and evil” get revenge? A viral video telling men she gave them HIV.

Medicare announced it would cover CAR T-cell therapy, an innovative but expensive treatment for blood cancers, nationwide. Previously, the program’s regional administrators decided whether to cover the therapy.

The FDA said Tuesday the maker of a newly approved $2 million gene therapy was aware that some of the testing data in its application to the agency was manipulated. But it said the treatment, called Zolgensma, should remain on the market.

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My doctor said I needed to lose weight and that getting off the sweet-tasting carbohydrate was the way to do it.

“You just got to get in, stop the bleeding . . . then come back and fight another day,” said the chief of surgery.

Understanding such terms as organic, grains and fiber will help select the right loaf

Studies of mass shooters find a fraction have mental health issues, and there’s little to no evidence for a link to video games.

Try OTC medications first. But if your symptoms don’t improve after a couple of weeks, go see a doctor.

Surgeons tend to focus on what the operation will try to fix instead of what may occur afterward: “We couldn’t even imagine what ended up happening.”

This was so even if weight and BMI were in normal range, says study of 156,624 postmenopausal women.

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Questions tumbled through her head, such as: What about my distress? Does being a physician mean that I have to be an emotional robot?

Laser usually produces the best results, but surgery and dermabrasion are also used.

A rise in “adaptive design” has meant fewer baggy sweatsuits and more esteem-lifting, conventional-looking clothes and shoes.

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Too late for the vaccine to prevent the painful nerve condition, I had to focus on long-term treatment.

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Using national data on elementary children, the expert says the concern is overblown and that stronger students, not weaker ones, actually lose the most.

Article delves into how medical facilities around the world are using such creative works to liven up their buildings.

Medicare’s is increasing payments to cancer centers for the pioneering CAR T-cell therapy, making it likely more patients will receive it.

The companies objected. So did the DEA. But a federal appeals court liberated the ARCOS opioid data.

“It’s a new age of racism,” a doctor says. Her patients are suffering the consequences.

“All it takes is one 2-year-old slobbering kid” to set off the next chain of infection, New York City’s health commissioner says.

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